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The Buzzard Foot Official Tee is here!

Show Your Love for Buzzard Foot! 


Finally, a way to support your love of the mythical rock band Buzzard Foot!  Buzzard Foot has been sighted in Columbus, Ohio with several unconfirmed reports and glimpses throughout the eastern seaboard. Buzzard Foot ONLY plays backyard extravaganzas and paranormal festivals.  Legend tells that the band was formed on the night of a full moon but the truth may never be known. 

Buzzard Foot is the headliner for the 2022 Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival and will be sighted at outdoor events throughout Ohio. 

Buzzard Foot has also partnered with the amazing Christopher's Promise. Christopher's Promise is a grass-root, non-profit initiative to provide children with special circumstances with the proper adaptive equipment.  Their mission is to allow kids, despite physical limitations, the ability to experience the same hallmark childhood memories as their peers. Helping kids, be kids. 

Five dollars of every Buzzard Foot shirt purchased goes to Christopher's Promise from Buzzard Foot!



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